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Blackpool Pleasure Beach
525 Ocean Boulevard
0870 444 5577

Blackpool Pleasure Beach directions
Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a popular amusement park which was founded in 1896 by Alderman William George Bean. Blackpool Pleasure Beach attracts more than 7 million visitors a year.The park has been upgraded to make it an international tourist destination and has its own on site hotel called the Big Blue.

Entrance to the park is free and rides may be paid for in tokens, or wristbands may be purchased. Wristbands cost £29 per person at peak times, or up to £15 on Super Saver Weekends. A seperate section of the park, Beaver Creek offers a seperate wristband for younger guests.

There are hundreds of rides that have come and gone from the Pleasure Beach over it's colourful history, particulary in its early days. Some of the more popular ones include, Big Apple, Cyclone, Log Flume, Scenic Railway, Tokaydo Express, Vikinggar, Space Tower, Tom Sawyer and Fun House.

Rides are currently classified as Roller coasters, Thrill rides and Family rides. Here are some of the popular rides on all three categories:

Roller Coasters:

- Avalanche - A bobsled roller coaster
- Big Dipper - A traditional wooden roller coaster
- Grand National - A wooden racing roller coaster
- Irn Bru Revolution - An Arrow Dynamics shuttle roller coaster
- Morgan's Circus Clown Coaster
- Pepsi Max Big One - An Arrow Dynamics hyper-coaster with a highest point 235 feet above sea level.
- Rollercoaster - A traditional wooden roller coaster, notable for operating with minimal restraints
- Space Invader 2 - An indoor roller coaster
- Steeplechase - A three-tracked steel roller coaster based on the original at Steeplechase Park at Coney Island
- Wild Mouse - A wooden Wild Mouse roller coaster
- Zipper Dipper - A small wooden roller coaster

Thrill Rides

- Bling
- Spin Doctor
- Ice Blast - A S&S Power Space Shot
- Valhalla - A partially indoor flume dark ride

Family Rides

- Alice's Wonderland
- Beaver Creek Log Flume
- Black Hole
- Convoy Ride
- Derby Racer
- Dodgems (bumper cars)
- Ellie's Caterpillar
- Flying Machines
- Gallopers (carousel)
- Go Karts
- Ghost Train
- Gold Mine
- Griffin's Magic Dragons
- Helicopters
- Impossible
- Lunar Carousel
- Magic Mountain
- Mini Dodgems
- Mini Scooters
- Monorail
- Motor Boat Ride
- Noah's Ark - A walk through funhouse attraction
- Pirate Ride
- Pleasure Beach Express - A miniature railroad
- River Caves
- Superbowl
- Swamp Buggies
- Tetley Teacup Ride
- Thor's Turnpike
- Trauma Towers

Other Shows include Hot Ice, Eclipse, Mystique and The Bradley Beaver Show. The Pleasure beach is divided into the North and South end and both have there share of rides and eating areas. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is now officially called 'Pleasure Beach, Blackpool' however the Blackpool Pleasure Beach name is still existence in various places around the park.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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