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Blackpool Zoo
East Park Drive
01253 830830

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The Blackpool Zoo is located two miles from the Blackpool sea-front in Lancashire. Blackpool Zoo provides a home to over 2000 animals from all over the world. The Zoo provides its visitors with a informative and enjoyable experience that demonstrates its role in the conservation of endangered species. The inmates include elephants, tigers, camels, gorillas, orangutans and a whole host of other creatures. The vast collection of wildlife from around the world, are well taken care of by the zoo staff and is a very popular tourist attraction.

Like most zoos these days, Blackpool zoo takes part in conservation and breeding programs, which will ensure the survival of some of our most threatened species. The Amazonia attraction is home to five species of monkey, from tiny pygmy marmosets to a colony of playful squirrel monkeys.

In 2005 the 'Dinosaur Safari' was introduced. It is a walkthrough exhibition featuring plastic models of several dinosaurs around a trail. It takes viewers on an unforgettable journey back through time, to the amazing lost world of the dinosaurs. You'll be able to see, hear and even smell more than 30 prehistoric creatures from the land before time. You can come face to face with the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex, reptiles, flying pterodactyls and lots of other stunning prehistoric creatures.

Your Dinosaur Safari will take you under the shadows of a giant erupting volcano, past spouting water geysers, over running streams, alongside misty lakes and even behind a living curtain of water. It is a complete immersive experience. Spectacular lighting and sound effects, horrid smells, thousands of authentic living plants and trees and even a smoldering meteorite bring the prehistoric world vividly to life.

Blackpool Zoo is located opposite to Stanley Park. A free car parking facility is included at the premises. During the main summer season Blackpool Transport's No 21 bus runs from Adelaide Street, next to Pricebusters in the town centre, to Blackpool zoo.

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Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo

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