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Travelling to Blackpool
Travelling to and around Blackpool can be a very pleasant experience as the town is well connected. There are a few unavoidable expenses whilst travelling, and transport is, of course, on the top of the list. Please ensure that when traveling you research the best times to travel either by car or train.
Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Boat.

There are various ways of getting to Blackpool destinations, and getting the info before setting out will save visitors time and money and a great deal of trouble. Travellers should check out transport to and from airports and seaports. When using a taxi they always enquire about the fares before getting in the taxi. They should also make use of maps and guide books, they give useful info to avoid problems and make the travel experiences pleasant. Being well informed is for the travellers own benefit. Here are various modes of travel and hints.

Travelling by Road

Renting a car, if you can afford it, means freedom of movement and you can come and go when you please, taking peak hour traffic into consideration, of course. Be sure that you know and understand the car rental contract. Make sure you have an international drivers license – in English, it will save you a lot of hassles. Knowing the rules of road use is of utmost importance. Do not drive if you have had a drink, you may just get arrested.

Renting a mobile home or a small bus could be an attractive option if you are with your buddies and you’re travelling together and sharing costs. Check on the costs and calculate fuel costs as well.

Travelling by bus in and around countries is great and cost effective. Inter-city buses are usually well equipped and comfortable Use maps and guide books. When you are using bus-shuttles, say your destination and the driver will drop you at your location. Note transport patterns of the cities you visit it will benefit you. Circular routes will return you to the point of departure so relax and enjoy the ride.

Remember to be early, 7 in the morning, for the bus; you could end up standing for the whole trip. Ask the driver to drop you at your location and keep asking or you may end up in a different place. Always watch your luggage. Do not store your luggage in the racks above you. Have a safe pocket you can seal inside your clothes for your passport and money!

From the North: From Scotland and the North of England, join the M6 (starts at Carlisle). Travel south until you reach Junction 32 - signposted M55 for Blackpool.

From the South: From London and the South East join the M1 and travel north to Birmingham. From Wales, Bristol and the South West, take the M5 and travel North to Birmingham. Join the M6 (starts at Birmingham) and travel north until you reach Junction 32 - signposted M55 for Blackpool.

Car parking: Blackpool has many car parks within easy reach of town centre with a capacity of 10,405 cars. A new link road from the M55 will take you right into the center of town to the Central Car Park.

Travelling by Rail

Travelling by rail is popular and some countries offer wonderful money saving means of using their trains. The Eurail pass in Europe is a mega-saving way of getting around. Keep your passport handy when crossing country borders. Check in advance where you want to travel to and be on time, the trains can be very crowded. You can book a sleeper if you are travelling overnight. Food and beverage is available on some of the trains.

Using the Underground or Metrorail is fast and efficient, an easy way to get around, a great way to get to know big cities and locate places of interest. If you’re planning on spending some time in a city then a multiple day travel ticket is a cheaper option. Use an underground rail map to plan your route and get all the info you need before embarking on your outing.

Once you come out of the underground there are buses and taxis available for road travel.

Blackpool has two main railway stations (Blackpool North and South). Trains are available to and from all major British destinations. Contact British Railways General Enquiries for more information

British Rail Blackpool Enquiries: Tel: 01253-259439. Open weekdays (Mon. to Sat.) 07:00 to 22:00. Sundays 08:00 to 22:00.
British Rail General Enquiries (24 hours): Tel: 0161-832- 8353.

Travelling by Air

Definitely the quickest way to get to most destinations, once you’re through all the things you must attend to at the airport before departure. Checking in and going through security checks, luggage checks, complying with air travel requirements, paying duty on your purchases and whatever else you need to do. Get to the airport early, start your travels relaxed and well prepared, it often sets the tone for a successful venture.

Check on transport to and from airports. Bus-shuttles are useful if your destination is on route and the cost is reasonable. Sometimes it’s cheaper to use a taxi so always ask what the fares are. Remember to keep your luggage with you and always keep your money out of sight in a safe pocket sewn into your clothes. Crime is a worldwide problem so take care.

Blackpool has a small airport that accepts commercial flights from the Isle of Man, Belfast and Dublin.. The nearest major international airport is Manchester, which is approximately 30 miles away from Blackpool.

Blackpool Airport General Enquiries: Tel: 01253-343434
Manchester Airport General Enquiries: Tel: 0161-489- 3000

Travelling by Sea

Travel by ferry is quick and cheaper than most air flights and eliminates the drag of getting to and fro from airports. There are various options available of which the hovercraft is the most expensive but very fast. Food and drink is available on the ferries if you can afford it. It is wise to carry bottled water and take your own food if you’re on a tight budget.

Cruises are great fun and a wonderful relaxing way of sightseeing but it is expensive. Including at least one cruise in your itinerary would be really cool. A cruise on a lake or a river is great fun. Travel by boat on long distance routes is expensive but is a holiday in itself. Perhaps working on a ship is another means of travel.

The following ferry companies operate services in or from Blackpool.
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company
Ferry operator serving the Isle of Man from Liverpool, Heysham, Belfast and Dublin; and also operating Liverpool - Dublin. Site also has associated services Heysham / Stranraer / Belfast, and Campbeltown - Ballycastle.

Norse Merchant Ferries
Ferry operator running between Liverpool and Belfast.

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